Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School!

Back-to-school ads always seem to start a little earlier every year. I no longer have a need for a new backpack or notebooks every August, but those ads always make me frown just a little because it means summer is inevitably winding down. And I hate to see it go. If you're gearing up for your Junior or Senior year, college is getting awfully close. But if you're a Sophomore or even a Freshman, it's not too early to think about college too. So, in honor of new colored pens, I have one tip for each year.

Freshman Year: Sign up for some activities.
Start to get an idea of what you’re interested in and what activities you’d want to see through to Senior year. It’s ok to sign up for a bunch of different things now because the whole point is try.

Sophomore Year: Test Prep. Yes, those tests.
As a sophomore, you can take a practice PSAT or the PLAN, which is the pre-ACT. If you do well, then that’s fantastic! If you don’t, then you’ll know where to focus your energy. And remember, it’s only practice so even if you do well on the practice PSAT you’ll still need to take it again as a Junior. If you don’t want to take any actual tests, then get yourself some prep books. Just make sure they contain actual test material.

Junior Year: Lead
By now you should be involved in activities you care about. This is the year to start to take a leadership position. Go after an editor position if you're on the school paper or chair a committee.
Senior Year: GRADES
Don't think for a minute that once your applications are in you can go easy on your work. Colleges have the option to rescind, and believe me they'll do it. You've worked hard for three years; don't let it all be for naught.

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