Monday, October 31, 2011

In case you missed it...

This week there was just too much going on--too much to do, too much to read, too much everything. Add an internet outage and hey, necessity is the mother of invention, right? Because of this, I will now have a semi-regular feature to bring you. Here's a roundup of the week's most interesting stories.

Student Loans
College is expensive, we know this . It's probably the only time where it's almost considered responsible to take on thousands of dollars in debt because it's an investment in your own future. (Not like credit cards, which are usually an investment in new shoes and dinners out.) And now it's getting political attention--Ron Paul wants to end student loans. And then there's the White House. There has been a push to make the process more transparent (see net price calculators ) and now there is another effort to simplify: A one-page form to compare college aid offers. Right now they're asking for feedback, so we probably wouldn't see it for a little while, but I'll be watching to see how that plays out. Finally, an interesting "experiment" in community colleges and for-profit institutions-- limiting the amount of federal loans their students can borrow.

Amidst reports of yet another school jumping their conference ship (ahem, West Virginia.) Let's start with some good news: more athletes are graduating. There are some proposed NCAA reforms, namely a $2,000 increase in scholarship amount and increasing academic eligibility standards. No new proposal is without controversy, however-- as a Chronicle analysis shows that "Division I athletes, on the whole, appear to be better off, financially speaking, than the general student body". Even college administrators aren't convinced, saying that these reforms don't address underlying concerns.

Happy reading!

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